Company History

Cutler Repaving recycled its first asphalt pavement in 1965 on Nerge Road in the Chicago area. While this first attempt proved successful, it is noteworthy that this was before the process was even called recycling. In fact, the technique of heating and releveling existing asphalt pavements to provide a long lasting, finished quality road surface with less buildup than conventional overlays and more strength than surface seals was simply called repaving. We gave little consideration to the fact that we were actually recycling a non-renewable natural resource.

Today, with energy and environmental concerns at the global forefront, we're proud that we've recycled more than 31,336 lane miles of road surface and kept over 12 million tons of asphalt material out of landfills. The Cutler repaving system has improved residential, collector and arterial streets, highways and interstates using less energy and fewer raw materials than conventional, equivalent methods.

As a nationwide contractor, Cutler Repaving designs and builds its own specialized asphalt recycling equipment. It is continuously refined and improved to meet the demands of city, county and state government. Over the years our commitment to quality has resulted in greater recycling depths, higher quality recycled materials, smoother riding surfaces, and greater pavement density.

From initial pavement evaluation to project completion, Cutler's Single Machine Asphalt Recycling System:

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