Reduced energy usage and emissions make Cutler's hot-in-place recycling a key component of the "Better Denver" program. Details in Cutler Courier. Also see Asphalt Contractor, Better Roads.

Cutler Repaving is North America's largest and most experienced authority in single pass asphalt recycling.

Cutler originated single pass asphalt recycling technology in 1965, and has spent more than four decades refining and perfecting the pavement recycling process. Cutler's single pass single machine method has recycled over 220 million square yards of existing asphalt roadways in 32 states and 350 cities. Whether it's for highways, urban/arterial roads, or residential streets, Cutler's Single Machine Asphalt Recycling System is the ideal method to rejuvenate pavement with a minimum amount of public inconvenience.

No other HIR pavement recycling contractor comes close to Cutler's level of experience and expertise. It's reputation for customer satisfaction is demonstrated by repeat business of 90%.

Please contact the agent serving your area or Cutler's corporate headquarters for more information, or to receive the following:

Cutler Repaving, Inc.
921 E. 27th St.
Lawrence, Kansas 66046
Telephone: (785) 843-1524
Fax: (785) 843-3942