1. Existing Pavement Heated

Emissions from heating asphalt in-place are directly related to pavement selection and the amount and intensity of heat applied, not the method of heating.

Heating System - Preheater

A Preheater always works in conjunction with the Repaver to begin softening the asphalt surface with heat to insure that the desired scarification depth can be achieved.

Heating System - Repaver

The Repaver heats the adjoining edge when making an adjacent pass to a previously placed mat so that the existing edge is heated to insure maximum joint density.

The Repaver is equipped with an 11 foot wide by 13 foot long heating hood that completes final heating of the existing pavement.

When in operation a spiral flame is directed along the ceramic wool insulation, which emits radiant heat to the pavement surface. The spiral flame heaters overlap each adjoining pass to create a hot welded joint, providing superior density over conventional cold joints.

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