From left, Devin Ray and Jim Shea, Colorado Department of Transportation; Lyle Smith, Cutler Repaving, Inc.; Rob Mangone, President, Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association
Denver, Colorado, (February 2005)-The Colorado Department of Transportation and Cutler Repaving, Inc. have been awarded the 2004 "Best in Colorado" Asphalt Pavement Quality Award for the US 6 - Clifton to Palisade Project, presented at the 32nd Annual Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference and Equipment Show in Denver.

Accepting the award on behalf of the Colorado Department of Transportation were Devin Ray and Jim Shea. Accepting for Cutler Repaving was Lyle Smith.

The project was the resurfacing of the US 6 thru Palisade and Clifton using the Hot In-Place Repaving method for recycling the existing top 1-inch of pavement.

"We are very pleased to recognize the Colorado Department of Transportation and Cutler Repaving, Inc. for this accomplishment. It is truly an honor and speaks well to the cooperation and partnership between the two organizations" stated Rob Mangone, President CAPA Board of Directors.

Project: US 6 - Clifton to Palisade
Owner: Colorado Department of Transportation
Contractor: Cutler Repaving, Inc.
Award Category: Urban Highways Resurfacing
The Colorado Asphalt Pavement "Best in Colorado" Quality Awards are presented annually to recognize the quality efforts of asphalt producers, contractors and agencies/owners in the state of Colorado. Nominations are judged on overall quality and smoothness.

A total number of 51 nominations were received for the 2004 award program, indicating a high level of pride in asphalt pavement construction in Colorado.

The award presentation was held as part of the 32nd Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference and Equipment Show at the Holiday Inn - Denver International Airport on February 9, 2005. Approximately 300 attendees attended this year's event.

The award program is sponsored by the Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association (CAPA), which is devoted to the development, improvement and advancement of quality asphalt pavement. CAPA is composed of both producers and users (including government agencies) working together to design, construct and maintain high quality pavements in Colorado. Congratulations to the Colorado Department of Transportation and Cutler Repaving, Inc. for this award winning achievement.

Additional information about the Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association:

The Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association (CAPA) is a not-for-profit association representing approximately 180 member organizations in Colorado. CAPA promotes and publicizes the use of quality asphalt in Colorado and encourages fair methods of contracting. CAPA employs two full time instructors and operates the Rocky Mountain Asphalt Education Center and administers the Laboratory for Certified Asphalt Technicians. The CAPA facility includes a classroom and a fully operational asphalt mixture laboratory. The education curriculum includes courses on asphalt mixture design, quality control/quality assurance testing and hot mix asphalt construction.

CAPA is the asphalt industry voice working with the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration, local agencies and others throughout the State of Colorado.

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Additional information about the project:

This project consisted of the resurfacing of US 6 from Clifton to Palisade using the Hot In-Place Repaving (recycling) method. The Hot In-Place Repaving method of resurfacing consists of heater scarifying the top 1-inch of existing pavement, adding a rejuvenating agent and then relaying the scarified material followed by a new 1-1/2-inch mat of hot mix asphalt and then compacted to proper density for strength. Full Story.